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Check out our local business directory. These folks are the heart & soul of our communities! Whether you're seeking new experiences, looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or simply wish to immerse yourself in the dynamic spirit of Arizona, this is your gateway.

Local Business Directory

Our Local Business Directory is a comprehensive listing of Arizona’s finest enterprises. We take immense pride in connecting you with the most diverse and exceptional businesses that call our great state home. Whether you’re a local resident or a curious visitor, this directory is your go-to resource for discovering the hidden gems and longstanding favorites contributing to Arizona’s flourishing economy.

Our unwavering commitment to promoting local businesses exclusively within Arizona sets our Local Business Directory apart. Every entry you find here represents a passionate entrepreneur, a dedicated team, or a family-run establishment that has poured its heart and soul into shaping the diverse tapestry of our communities.

As you explore the directory, you’ll uncover an exciting array of businesses spanning various industries. From cozy cafés tucked away in historic neighborhoods to cutting-edge tech startups driving innovation, you’ll find the best that Arizona has to offer.

Supporting local businesses isn’t just a transaction; it’s an investment in the prosperity and growth of our communities. By patronizing the businesses listed in our directory, you’re contributing to the sustainability of Arizona’s economy and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that defines our state.

At Hometown Hawk, we’re dedicated to celebrating the spirit of Arizona and the incredible entrepreneurs who make our state shine. So, come on in, browse the directory, and embark on a journey to support, explore, and experience the best of Arizona’s local businesses. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the heart and soul of our home state!


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The WOA Show

The WOA Show is a weekly web-based show from that premieres each Thursday on YouTube at 3PM. The hosts Amber & Cooper do a run-down style of local Arizona topics including weekly reports and updates from the WOA Marketplace.  Products and vendors from the marketplace are featured each week on the show.